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Inspiring women to accept their individuality, embrace it, and celebrate the diverse array of superpowers that are within and unique to
of us.

Erase conventional identity

Hi, I'm Erica Kidder.
Equity Advocate, Author and Speaker

I am dedicated to erasing conventional identity classification boxes, embracing and helping others to celebrate all experiences, intersectionalities and virtues that make us unique.

I fundamentally believe that there is transformational power in living authentically and that embracing individuality leads to self-acceptance, self-love, and ultimately purposeful and meaningful living not just to survive through challenges and adversities but to thrive, transcending statistics. 


It is my mission to inspire women to accept their individuality, own it, and celebrate the diverse array of superpowers that are within and unique to each of us.

Inspire authenticity 

Black, Mixed With is a powerful memoir that explores the strength in authenticity through adversity in the context of racial discrimination, colorism and the stigma of marginalized experiences. It is the story of how I confronted aspects of my life that caused me shame, isolation and embarrassment, in order to step into a deeper meaning. 

This book speaks to a multiracial audience, those interested in personal and professional development in leadership development and individuals grappling with identity acceptance in a world where they feel like they don’t always belong. 

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conversation about
and belonging

Jessica Smyser, Executive Director at Cambridge Community Television

"Erica Kidder uses a mixture of memoir and historical analysis to examine what it means to ‘mixed’ in America. The result is an informative and emotional page-turner."


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